Stoney Creek Motorsports – Belleville, Michigan

Stoney Creek Motorsports is a full service power sports shop in Belleville, Michigan. We work on all makes and models of most racing karts, dune buggies, vintage mini bikes, mopeds, scooters, ATV’s, mini dirt bikes and much more.
We are family owned and operated and take pride in good customer service.

Summary of Go Kart Services

With over 30 years experience in kart racing, Stoney Creek Motorsports provides you the best expertise and service available in the industry. We offer engine rebuilds, chassis preparation, and full in-shop or on-track technical and race support.
Your full-service kart shop, offering specialty products, on-track race support, and expert engine building and service.
Race engines and shifter karts are our specialty. We offer a full line of quality race karts, karting products and professional engine services. We always carry inventory on hand to fill your orders in a timely manner.
With over 30 years experience in competition karting, we are here to answer all your questions and offer useful and competent information.
Browse through our store, and feel free to call or send an email if you have questions. We’re here to provide the best service possible and to help meet all your karting needs.

Go Kart Engine Services

We provide professional rebuild and blueprinting services for all race kart engines.
With proven track results at club, regional and national levels, our engines give you the competitive edge you need to run up front. Experience the very best in professional service and superior engine performance when you choose Extreme for your engine work.

Give us a call (734) 697-6971 to discuss pricing and service options.

Go Kart Chassis Preparation

Let Stoney Creek Motorsports be your source for professional chassis setup and preparation. With years of experience in kart racing, we have the mechanical expertise and know-how to set up and maintain your kart so you can spend your time on the track rather than in the pits

Go Kart Technical and Race Support

With over 30 years experience in professional kart racing, Stoney Creek Motorsports is the smart choice for on-track race day support. Our proven results on the track demonstrate our ability and commitment to the sport. Our equipment and drivers have won countless races and championship events at club, regional and national levels.
We offer full day race support packages including kart setup and maintenance in the pits, mechanical services, engine maintenance, and more. We also provide pre-race setup, preparation and maintenance.

Vintage Mini Bike Sales and Service

The vintage Mini-bike  has been around for many years with many different styles. At Stoney Creek Motorsports we have a wide selection of hard to find vintage mini bikes for you! We carry hard-to-find historical information on dozens of rare mini-bikes you would have extreme difficulty finding elsewhere, if at all. Over the years our customers have found our service to be enjoyable and quite useful in identifying rare and vintage mini-bikes.

Give us a call today and we will provide you with information on rare, vintage, and classic mini- bikes, some of which cannot be found any place else on the net. Our experts  make it fun and provide support for on-going research. The unique information available here will save you time and money. Classic mini-bikes that were well-built, special, rare, vintage unique, or anything that was American-made are a piece of history. There are exceptions (a few notable foreign models), but our main focus is mostly on mini-bikes made in the USA (and a few scooters!)
No doubt you may have experienced difficulty in finding documented records of mini-bikes, trail-bikes, mini-cycles, or cross-over’s in one place? These machines are using ignored by the mainstream media. However you know that the mini-bike history has a colorful past, along with the many fascinating manufacturers’ who made mini-bikes. These manufactures, along with their unique creations, are special treasures. We are filling the need through our passion of the American mini-bike.

We carry all of the following for your mini bike

mini bike jackshafts
mini bike sprockets
mini bike parts
mini bike engines
mini bike tires
mini bike chains
minibike clutchs
mini bike seats
mini bike frames
mini bike assecories

You name it we carry it.
If you have a mini bike that needs repair we can help. If you need an engine for your mini-bike we have that too. Give us call today

General Repair Services

Stoney Creek Motorsports is committed to serving you with high quality professional repair and maintenance at a reasonable cost by highly qualified technicians using quality auto parts, state-of-the-art equipment and expert knowledge. We stand on sound business principles and uphold high standards to service all of your motorsport needs. Stoney Creek Motorsports experienced Techs service all types of racing karts, dune buggies, vintage mini bikes, mopeds, scooters, ATV’s, mini dirt bikes and much more.
Our experienced staff explains repair details in straight-forward terms, obtains your approval before any repairs are made, and is always available to discuss any of your motorsports related questions to keep you in the loop.
Our shop has been in the Motorsports business for many years. We have the equipment, experience and expertise to diagnose, repair and maintain your all of your power sport needs with outstanding performance.

Service You Can Trust

Your safety and the safety of others depends on your power sports peak performance, which in turn depends on your motor sports being in peak mechanical condition. Servicing your motor sports at a trusted, outstanding repair facility, like Stoney Creek Motorsports, means you not only receive expert repair service for an excellent value, you also gain peace of mind. Stoney Creek Motorsports performs major and minor repairs on most motor sport models. Our staff is always available to discuss any of your auto-related questions. Our goal is to make your automotive repair experience friendly, pleasant and successful.

Our Team

The entire staff at Stoney Creek Motorsports has the experience and expertise to diagnose, repair and maintain your vehicle’s performance for the life of your motor sports.

Maintenance Schedule

Our service interval schedule helps you keep track of regular maintenance. Most of the checks and services can be done at little or no cost. Best of all, they are quick and painless when compared to the cost in time and money for not doing them! Contact us for more information.

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